Week Sketch and CDC attempt

Prints are avalable on my Artstation store: https://www.artstation.com/vncchildren/prints
A bit of warm up this week when my PC was out for fixing. I did a drawing for Character Design Challenge: Street Fighter Fan Art, and another drawing of the one inside this armor: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qk15E . This is one of my OCs, lady Marie Laura Divinefield, the Doom Knight. I had to chopped off the Street Fighter drawing due to I misread the rule and violated twos of them :p. I only submitted Chunli. The idea here is that I imagined what they would look like as ARPG character, the buffalo guy behind Chunli and Shakura is, well, you know him, Bison. Bison in the game is the complete opposite of this, as he is very clean, fashionable and cunning looking, not a brute like his name implies. I played it around his name.

Hai hoang maria laura p
Hai hoang cdc p
Hai hoang 1
Hai hoang img20180531224727