Late Inktober

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This character is a Scorn Celestial. I mentioned her last year on the Lord Knight description: After 3 failed attempts last year, I temporarily gave up on her a bit, until now. The idea of this armor came from a traditional Vietnamese theatrical play, named " the old man carries his wife on back to the village fair",which you can search it here in original language: "già cõng vợ đi hội". The actor/actress in this play wears an old man puppet carrying a pair of woman feet in front of him/her, to create an illusion that the old man puppet is carrying that actor/actress on his back. Detail on this character is now a secret. I will probably offer the original fro sale when I open my online shop next year :)

Hai hoang sc p by vnc children dbuhk1u
Hai hoang sc p1
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