Orisha of The Fading Past

My entry for this month's character design challenge, was done with my 13 years old set of Faber - Castell color pencil. This is an original character I came up with back when I heard of Sudan, the last northern white rhino, 's death. I was very emotional as rhino is my second most favorite animal, and also as I'm from Vietnam, the second biggest black market of rhino's horn in the world. Despite horn and ivory trading is completely illegal in my country, and the government tries their best to combat it, it's still happening.

Anyway, the original character was a lot darker than this one. I toned her down a lot and gave her a stylized look for a better feeling. She has no name, she is called "The Orisha of Fading Past". Orishas are sacred spirits in Yoruba religion. My fictional Orisha is a collector of memories, she plants seeds into animals or trees or any other living beings when they die, and extracts the stories of their lives for her oasis.

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