Some new & old sketches

The big one is an study set up for a big illustration I'll do with ink later this year. The second and 3rd was actually development sketches of this one last year . I kept them secret for a potential Cubebrush mini-tut, but now I have another one that is better, I decided to post them up here. My sketch book is broken, thats why the grey line exists there in the mid of the piece T_T

The scenery illustration is called :"Son Tinh-Thuy Tinh". It literally means The Mountain and Water God. Every year in my country Vietnam, there is always a devastating tropical storm season that kills dozens to hundreds of people. This story is a mythological explanation for that storm season. The story is quite simple, these two did a small contest to get the princess, one won, the other could not accept it, so he raged the endless war against the victor. He lost every year but kept coming back. Their power have been causing the storm season since then.

Hai hoang 0sto p
Hai hoang dark p
Hai hoang g p